Imran Nathoo’s Big Cheese

The Big Cheese - Imran Nathoo

We are really looking forward to working with some of the ‘Big Cheeses’ in Wales. Over the course of the next month, we are collaborating with some of our favourite chefs to bring you recipe inspiration, cook-a-longs and to answer lots of your culinary questions along the way.

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Introducing Imran Nathoo #TheBigCheese of Masterchef!

Imran has a flair for cooking with a family focus. Cook, supper club host, food blogger and dad to two boys! Imran’s philosophy is that good food doesn’t need to be fussy food.

It’s takeover time for Imran on the Dragon Wales Facebook & Instagram, all culminating in a No Stir Pea & Leek Risotto recipe at 6:00pm on Saturday 11th July!

If you fancy cooking along, here’s what you’ll need


1 tbsp of Dragon Salted Welsh Butter

1 tbsp of rapeseed/olive oil

200g or Arborio risotto rice

600 ml Vegetable stock

1-2 cloves of garlic – peeled and finely grated or passed through a garlic press

1 large leek – diced

1 large red onion – diced

70g of frozen peas

100g of Dragon Vintage Cheddar and Leek – crumbled

Handful of flat leaf parsley – chopped

Cracked black pepper

Dragon Handcrafted Halen Mon Cheddar to finish

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