Our Heritage

On the 10th January 1938, the first batch of milk (394 gallons) was received at the creamery.
Creamery Founded

The story of Dragon dates back to 1938 when John Owen Roberts had a vision to see dairy farmers working together to enable them to market their own milk.

The site for the Creamery was carefully chosen. Rhydygwystl was selected due to its convenient location, being on the border between Llŷn and Eifionydd and these two areas of North West Wales were and still are renowned for their grass growing capabilities due to enjoying mild drifts from the gulf streams of the Atlantic.

In just over a year membership had grown from 63 to 196 Welsh farmer members. By 1940 there were 465 members and additional 15 employees at the creamery. Business was booming!
Membership Reached 465
All milk received at the creamery was sold to the liquid market upon the request of the Ministry of Food due to World Ward 2.
During the War

During World War II, each day milk packed into churns was exported by rail from nearby Chwilog directly to the cities of North West England. This business provided a much needed boost to the Creamery who passed on the extra profits this generated as bonuses for their members.

On the 1st April 1959 the new cheese production facility was opened.
Expanded into Cheese Production

Milk production reached a record high and it was decided in the late 1950’s that cheese would be a good option for the surplus milk.

The site began production in 1959 creating the brand ‘Caws Llŷn’. This proved to be a popular brand which is still recognised locally today.

The first collection of milk using a bulk tanker was made.
Bulk Milk Tanker
In 1970 John Owen Roberts was awarded an MBE for his invaluable contribution to the Welsh dairy industry.
J.O.Roberts received his MBE
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Today's flagship brand 'Dragon' was launched.
Launch of the 'Dragon' brand

In 2004 the creamery rebranded their cheddar range launching todays well-known 'Dragon' brand.  

In 2015 we expanded our Dragon range to include our high end handcrafted Cheddars. Collaborating with Welsh companies the range includes Welsh Slate Cavern Cheddar, Mature Anglesey Sea Salt Cheddar, and Penderyn Whisky infused Cheddar.
Dragon Handcrafted Range

Our Handcrafted range (L-R Cavern Slate Aged Cheddar, Lightly Smoked Mature Cheddar, Anglesey Sea Salt Mature Cheddar and Cavern Slate Aged Cheddar with Penderyn Whisky).