Red Tractor Assured



The Red Tractor logo is only found on British food and drink products that have been certified to rigorous standards from farms to pack. Our logo means that the food you buy has been responsibly sourced, safely produced and comes from crops and animals that have been well cared for – so it’s good for you and good for British farmers.

Good for you

When you buy products with the Red Tractor logo, you can be confident that you are buying British produce at its seasonal best which is safe for you and your family.

Good for British Farmers

Only produce from Red Tractor (or equivalent) certified farms can hold the Red Tractor logo. This means it can be traced right back through the supply chain to the British farms it came from.

Good for animal welfare

Animal welfare is the number one priority for all Red Tractor livestock farmers. They work tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of their animals and have regular vet visits to ensure herd and flock health is maintained.