The Big Cheese Recipes

The Big Cheese recipes/serving suggestions

We recently revealed the winners of #TheBigCheese competition, we had a lot of great recipes entered so wanted to share a few with you 🙂

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Our Winners

Nicky Batch @batchout

Our First winner @batchout submitted 4 recipes using Dragon products;

1) Peppered pastrami griddled in garlic butter, pickled hispi cabbage, jalepeno, 3 cheese sauce, pickled gherkins, cheese slaw and srirracha mayo.

2) Lobster dogs and nachos
Hot dogs with lobster pan fried in butter and garlic, spring onion leaves, corriander and a yuzu, sriracha and kewpie mayo drizzle.
Nachos with homemade guac, a chipotle, pale ale and Dragon cheese sauce.

3) Dirty fries with lamb masamam curry, cheese, crispy garlic and crispy shallots .

4) Faggots from @pieporium cooked in red onion, mushroom and red vermouth gravy on toasted sourdough and a dusting of Dragon Handcrafted Sea Salt Cheddar

Susan Hoggett @susan.hoggett

Susan made her own sausages with pork and Dragon Handcrafted Maplewood smoked cheddar

Served with creamy mash, kale, tomatoes and onion rings.

More of the entries..

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