Sam Lomas’ Big Cheese

The Big Cheese - Sam Lomas

We are really looking forward to working with some of the ‘Big Cheeses’ in Wales. Over the course of the next month, we are collaborating with some of our favourite chefs to bring you recipe inspiration, cook alongs and to answer lots of your culinary questions along the way.

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All the recipes will include cheeses from the Dragon range, and we can’t wait to see your creations too!

We are kicking things off this Saturday with Sam Lomas, who will be hosting a takeover and a live cook along using Dragon Handcrafted Maplewood Smoked cheddar in his cheesy sea beet, Potato + Bacon tart.

Cooking along? Here is the list of ingredients to get you started.


Dragon Handcrafted Maplewood smoked cheddar



Sea beets ( can be substituted for spinach or kale or any other leafy green or seasonal veg)



Salt /Pepper

Show us your creations on social media using the #TheBigCheese