Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

Will you be going to watch the local fireworks display this year, or will you host your own at home?

Whatever you decide, how about serving these hot dog suggestions for dinner? We’ve partnered up with Edwards of Conwy to serve up these great ideas!

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For the Kids

How about a pork sausage chipolata with cheese and ketchup, mini hotdog bun shaped like dog.

Using Edwards of Conwy chipolatas, ready to roll Icing for eyes and nose, bread for ears and nose, breadsticks for legs

we’d love to see your versions, please send us pictures!

Something for Everyone

Pork & Chili

Edwards of Conwy Cumberland sausage on a fresh bread roll with chili jam, roasted red peppers and strong grated cheddar (Vintage, Mature or smoked cheddar)


Edwards of Conwy Traditional pork sausage in a fresh bread roll with caramelised red onion chutney, sauteed onions and grated mature cheddar. [Also great with vintage cheddar with leek]